Blog The Essential Guide to Seasonal Lawn Care: Advice from Clovis Outdoor Services Professionals Apr 12, 2024

Spring has sprung and it’s time to get your lawn in tip-top shape! As experts in outdoor services, Clovis Outdoor Services professionals are here to provide you with the essential guide to seasonal lawn care. With the right care and attention, your lawn can be lush, green, and healthy all year round. Read on for our top tips and advice on how to care for your lawn during each season of the year.

Spring: In the spring, your lawn may be recovering from the winter months and may need some extra attention. Start by raking away any debris that has accumulated over the winter, such as leaves and branches. This will allow your lawn to better absorb sunlight and water. Aerating your lawn can also help improve drainage and promote healthy root growth. Be sure to water your lawn regularly and apply a slow-release fertilizer to give it a boost.

Summer: The summer months can be hot and dry, which can stress your lawn. To keep your lawn looking its best, water deeply and less frequently to encourage deep root growth. Avoid cutting your grass too short, as this can cause it to burn in the harsh sun. Consider applying a summer fertilizer to keep your lawn healthy and green. If you have any bare patches, now is the time to overseed and repair them.

Fall: As the temperatures start to cool down in the fall, it’s time to prepare your lawn for the winter months ahead. Continue to water and mow your lawn as needed, but be sure to adjust your mowing height as the temperature drops. Rake away fallen leaves to prevent them from smothering your lawn and promote air circulation. A fall fertilizer can help strengthen your lawn’s roots and prepare it for the winter dormancy.

Winter: During the winter months, your lawn may go dormant and stop growing. However, there are still some steps you can take to protect it. Avoid walking on your lawn when it’s frozen, as this can cause damage to the grass blades. Clear away any snow to prevent mold growth and let light reach the grass. Consider applying a winter fertilizer to provide nutrients that will be absorbed once the lawn starts to grow again in the spring.

By following these seasonal lawn care tips from Clovis Outdoor Services professionals, you can ensure that your lawn stays healthy and beautiful all year round. Remember that consistency is key, so stay on top of your lawn care routine to keep your lawn looking its best. If you need any assistance with your lawn care needs, don’t hesitate to contact Clovis Outdoor Services for expert help and advice. Happy lawn care season!

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